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November 19, 2018
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Exterior and Interior Painters in Pune

Painting is a thing or a process that change the entire look and finish of your house. Actually, it’s one of the most affordable overhauling jobs you can do, for that you have to choose a painting specialist that specializes in the best quality of the painting. Besides that, you have to be very careful regarding choosing the time for the painting of the house which does affect the process directly or indirectly. Here at Painters in Pune, there are some key lines about how to determine the best time of year to paint the exterior of your house.

Sunny Weather is one of the best time for painting

As an experienced painting specialist in the world, We at Painters in Pune, know all too well, persistent hot weather doesn’t usually hit the area until March. Late April and May might offer a clue of the hot weather to come, but nights bring some cold temperatures, and the days frequently remain humid. But when it comes to exterior painting most exterior paint requires an ambient temperature of about 50 degrees, painting specialists risk poor paint application during the spring. Waiting till the summer temperatures have truly arrived in late April, May, July, or early March gives the best results.

Avoid the Rainy Season

When we talk about rainy season rain can arrive anytime between May ending and July, So it is good to get your house paint before May. So the painting specialist should know every single thing regarding natural behavior and should suggest the best time possible to paint the house. So we here at Painters in Pune, suggest you paint early in between March and April or at least starting of May you get enough time to let your paint dry and will avoid damage of paint.

Look for the excellent Conditions

Summer favor to be an excellent time for painting, since it’s typically dry and warm. Since not all people paint their home in summer season some paint them in late winter and so. While some people stretch the painting season as long as possible, coz they know what is the perfect time to paint and when will be the weather conditions are persistent and temperatures don’t vary undoubtedly overnight or from day to day. Since the weather can change from year to year, contact your local painting contractor to appraise conditions.

Don’t compromise on Quality

When we paint the house we want it to look good and last long. So, in this case, we cannot compromise on the quality of paint So to avoid such problem we give you the best painting service in the market, and when we do quality hand painting it lasts up to 15 years and more. Painting specialist knows about it everything they take the necessary time to do the job right. They take time to do this things in a proper way they know the difference between types of paints and where they should be used, how they should be used etc because they have a years of experience in this respective field so if you ever decide to paint the house you call such expert and get a free in-home exterior painting estimate and start planning your home’s new look today.

As in summer season when its too much hot outside where you cannot even stand in sunlight without water intake you get dehydrated same is in the  case of paint it also gets  dehydrated coz it needs an ideal climatic conditions due to which it not get dry in summer also and only experts with better experience knows it.

In such situation where there is hot climate and windy weather paint will get dry easily and fastly or rapidly so avoid that extra water is needed to be added in the paint which ratio is 10% as that of the amount of paint if it will be less paint will become thicker than ideal property and if it will be thinner due to extra water is being poured then the water will become thinner and The perfect time to paint your house both at exterior and the interior. Will result into the poor quality of paints which will not stay of the wall and will get dry very soon and will not last long.

The problem of paints is directly or indirectly is dependable on weather conditions like heat and humid conditions. In this case, use of cold water like ice cubes of chilled water will be helpful as this will allow the paint coating to cool down at its normal rate and will improve the quality and shelf life of the paint. Due to which paint failures like blistering or peeling won’t occur immediately.

The higher temperature is not suitable for exterior wall painting job.

Because too much heat will lead in heating up of the wall surface which will dry the paint too early and will lower the quality of paint. Fast drying of paint fails camouflage and interlink of binding stain (which binds paint to the wall surface).

While painting in summer time how and when to paint is very much important as you will paint directly in sunlight it will dry up the paints and will lead in the poor quality of paints so painting should be done in the area where sunlight is minimal so that when sun moves upwards it will dry the painted area and will not dry the inner and outside coating

It is best to carry out the exterior painting job in summer. Taking the above-mentioned protections will make the whole painting process very easier.


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